Preschool Ministry

Welcome to Preschool Ministry

We believe it is important that every age group encounters Christ and His Word when on our campus. For preschoolers, we believe that even our bed babies should have Scripture read to them each week. Our older preschoolers are challenged with biblical teaching that includes music, art projects, and lots of movement.


We provide a strong Biblically based curriculum on a weekly basis. Preschoolers are able to learn Biblical truths with a "hands-on" approach. Bible study for babies through kindergarten begins at 9:00am in the Childhood Education Building (CEB).


Childcare is provided during the 10:30 AM worship service for babies through kindergarten in the Childhood Education Building (CEB).

At all times, security is a primary concern for us. We keep our preschool area locked only allowing entrance through one set of security doors. Upon entering our children's building our director will walk you through our check-in and security procedures.

Preschool Minister

She is a gift from the Lord for our preschoolers.

Sherry Wilson

Preschool & Children Director